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Orchid hybrids

africana x Cymbidium devoninum s2-3 € 8,00
agathodaemonis x cuthbersonii fl € 15,00
(aphanochilum x cuthbertsonii) x cuthbertsonii fl € 15,00
(cuthbertsonii x sulawesii) x cuthbertsonii orange fl € 20,00
cyanocentrum x petiolatum fl € 18,00
hellwigianum x violaceum fl € 20,00
leucocyanum x protractum fl € 15,00
mohlianum x limpidum fl € 15,00
mohlianum x puniceum alba fl € 20,00
subclausum x violaceum  fl € 15,00
escobariana x elegantula fl € 15,00
escobariana x niesseniae fl € 15,00
gargoyla x horrida fl € 15,00
ionoptera x escobariana  fl € 15,00
jimenezii x caprimulgus fl € 15,00
curtisii x Seidenfadenia mitrata XXL fl € 25,00
thailandica x Ascocentrum mininatum fl € 20,00




Terms of delivery



All plants are of good quality and have flowering size except marked plants

Prices are exclusive 9% TAX (inside EC) and are delivered ex Helmond Netherlands.
All costs for transport are on the account of the customer.

The plants will be sent by Priority Mail,
All plants travel on risk of the costumer.

Please pay immediately after receipt of the invoice.
The shipment will be executed after receipt of the payment.

We have to ask € 5,- for handling- and packing cost
if the order does not exceed the amount of € 50,-
We can negotiate a discount for large orders.


Size of the plants:

fl = flowering size
nfl = near flowering size
s1 = 1 year from flowering
s2 = 2 years from flowering
s3 = 3 years from flowering



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